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Truly independent film festival

Back to truly independent film making.  The festival features independent work of both filmmakers and screenwriters.   Bloody Hero Independent Film Festival is dedicated to supporting and promoting independent artists from around the world. That means we review every submission on equal ground regardless of production budgets.  We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we place as few restrictions as possible on the themes, genre, content and subject matter of the submissions we accept in the hopes of finally shining a light on amazing art that hasn’t been discovered by the mainstream. We strive to make this festival a welcoming place for all kinds of filmmakers.  In the spirit of freedom of artistic expression we welcome all submissions.    We especially appreciate unique, highly entertaining pieces from film makers that have taken great care in thorough character development.


All official selections will be judged by industry players and winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on February 10, 2013.  


The Festival will be held on February 8,9 and 10 in the Phoenix Center for the Arts.  Multiple viewing suites will be set up for  screening official selections on an all day basis ensuring maximum exposure and screen time for every piece.  This will be a sold out venue and an excellent opportunity to get your film seen by THOUSANDS.  Each contest category will be assigned an individual suite and films from this category will play nonstop on a rotational basis during festival hours.  Every film in the festival will also be screened in one of the main theater halls at least once. There will also be booths representing film and production businesses as well as the professional mixer on Friday night to start the festival off in an exciting fashion.

Each film maker/team who is representing an official selection will be assigned a liaison to help with facilitating solutions to any incidental needs.

Friday February 8th there will be an official mixer for film makers and industry professionals.  The event will commence after close of screenings for the day at 9:30 pm. Each official selection will be comped two tickets and additional tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

For additional information on the schedule of events during the festival pleas click here.

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