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Bloody Hero International Film Festival is accepting submissions until December 15.  We have a special place in our heart for the Horror and Exploitation category with individual award sculptures dedicated to this category.  We are huge supporters of independent film makers and love to support freedom of expression in all forms.  Do you have a horror or exploitation piece that will knock our socks off?  Submissions are through our regular short and feature categories but if you did your horror film right we will definitely know which category it should be considered in for awards in addition to the overall festival best film.

This is an IMDB qualifying festival and we accept submissions here through our site as well as withoutabox submission service.  This festival is hosted at the Phoenix Center for the Arts in Phoenix Arizona and we host it on a little different model than most film festivals.  Because we want to support filmmakers in every way we can our strategy for getting your film in front of the most fans possible we have multiple viewing halls at the center where official selections play round the clock during all three days of the festival.  In most festivals the attendees have to choose their favorites and often don’t get the chance to see all the films due to time or financial considerations. At Bloody Hero International Film Festival we sell tickets in the form of day passes allowing the attendees to browse any film they like as many times as they choose.  This ensures maximum viewers at the festival.

We also have a room dedicated to promoting the artists where you can submit promotional materials in print to raise awareness for the project.  Attendees have access to browse the materials and this service is available to all submitters free of charge regardless of whether they are granted official selection status.


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